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Python dev shop from Warsaw, Poland

Lab's specialties

Python/Django development

We pick Python as our core language because of it simplicity and we are truly dedicated to `zen of python`.
In new projects we advocate strongly for Python 3, but have also wide experience in working on legacy Python 2 projects.

Powerful REST-full APIs

We love building REST-agnostic APIs, which are well documented and ready to be played a lot by other developers. We strongly appreciate Django Rest Framework and Swagger. We love testing our APIs with responses.

Geolocation Oriented Solutions

Next UBER-like backend delivered fast with power of PostgreSQL/Postgis

Tech Stack

Hi! I am Andi!

Since year I am coding in Python.
I am in top 1% users in area of Django and among 5% best in Python on Stackoverflow.
I like running, training for triathlons, ski touring and climbing.

Andrzej Kostanski

Python Backend Engineer

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