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Lab's specialties

We are doing our best in following areas.

Powerfull REST-full APIs

Planing to build service avaliable both from desktop and mobile, the one dealing with BIG DATA, but only small piece of them needs to be delivered to end client? The answer will be good backend solution with API using the power of HTTP. Prefered technologies: Python + Django

Geolocation Oriented Solutions

We love this topic, because we strongly belive that borders between systems and daily interactions of human will disapear thanks to mobile and geocontext oriented solutions. If you would like return nearby objects for users current location, for us this is not a problem! Prefered technologies: Postgis + GeoDjango + GoogleMaps API

Natural Language Processing

Data Mining? Who finds its nowaday sexy? There are tons of unstructured text data on the Internet. Let's analyse it!

Automate! Engage!

Provide extended online expierience for user by smart usage of QR-codes and linked interactions. Typing urls on mobile devices is past, let's scan!

Our Amazing Team

We create, design, code and sometimes bark. We love our job.

Rubi von Rubinstein

Chick Dog Officer

Andrzej Kostanski

Proud Founder


Art Director

We have a very strict diversity and equality policy. We never distinguish by hiring talents either someone is boy or girl, has two legs or four paws.

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